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If you wish to order the products per your measurements, we suggest you to fill in a form below, in future we will be able to find your measurements by your name or e-mail indicated in the form earlier. You can fill in the form several times for different people by specifying only one registered e-mail, but changing the fields first name and last name (for yourself, your partner, etc).

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The circumference of the head from the forehead over back of the head
(The circumference of the middle part of the neck)
(Measure a complete circle from top of shoulder, down to the bottom of the crotch then back up to the same point at the top of the shoulder.)
(The circumference of the chest area, the widest part)
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(Circle in the area of the hipbone, the widest part around the butt)
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(The circumference of the leg at the knee)
(The circumference of the leg near the gastrocnemius muscle)
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(The circumference of the hand in the area of the biceps)
(The circumference of the elbow)
(The circumference of the wrist)
(The circumference of the hand without the thumb)
(From the edge of the shoulder to the wrist)
(From the shoulder edge to the tip of the middle finger)
(From the inside, from the crotch to the ankle)
(From the inside, from crotch to heel)
(On the outer side of the leg, from the waist to the heel)
(Your height (linear))
(From heel to the end of great toe)
(From the base of the neck to the nipple)
(Circumference under breasts)